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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I have a new habit!

So… guess I have a new habit… “Working Out”. I have been exercising every day for the last three weeks. At this point, I guess it’s considered a habit. Not a bad habit to have… I find that I’m calmer now that I have something to tire me out completely every day after work (not that the kids don’t also have something to do with that).
Over the last three weeks, I’ve been racking up “vitality points” like crazy. We get a discount at work for being healthy, so I have some monetary incentive to participate.  I’ve also gotten my blood work done over the last three weeks. All my vitals are healthy (cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure,  BMI, etc.).
Anyway, next week is my 1st official 5k since 2007. I’ve worked out since 2007…. just have not documented it to this level. I’ll post my results next week. :-)

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