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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Getting fit for "the Man"

Last year, my company added to our health care package an added "total wellness" service. The idea behind it, I guess, is to empower the employee to be more knowledgeable about healthy lifestyle choices, thus reducing overall health expenditures. It has the added benefit that healthy employees are probably happier and more productive. I don't really mind the service or the suggestion of the service. I'm pretty healthy, tend to eat healthy, and have daily activities that keep me "fit". For the record..... I still fit into my clothes from freshman year of college.... and that was more than a decade ago.. almost two decades ago. (Note: I should donate my wardrobe items from the college era).

Last year, we got a discount on our health insurance if we had BMI, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure ranges that were "normal". They have stepped up the program a little this year.... and want us to achieve a certain "point" level in our "total wellness" site. I shouldn't have a problem getting to that level. One of the ways to achieve points is to document your exercise using an approved partner app (in my case MapMyFitness). The app also syncs with Nike+, so that good. I have been using the app for the last two weeks and documenting my "activities".

As you can see, I've been active over the last two weeks. All this activeness has prompted me to do a couple of things.
  1. I went ahead and looked up my race time for my last "official" 5K. Then, I ran 5K in an area around my house. The last 6yrs have not been too rough on me :-).... I'm only 20 secs a mile slower.... and I probably will get that back just by keeping my exercise up for a few weeks.
  2.  After running my "unofficial" 5K, I decided to go ahead an run a real 5K again. I'm going to run the Hoofin' it 5K on Sept. 21st.
    Here are my time differences. I'm not a speed daemon, but I'm not a tortoise either....

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