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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silent Ringtone to "Blacklist" nuisance callers

Lately, my wife has been getting calls from two different numbers asking for the same person. My wife repeatedly explains to them they have the wrong number, but to no avail they continue to call. They call everyday....guess the person owes them money or something. So, I looked into how to Blacklist a number on the iPhone. Apparently, you have to download an app...... :-(. This should be a built -in feature... I mean really.....

Anyway, the apps are mostly like $ no big deal. The most feature filled app seems to be "Blacklist" by CallerDB. It will blacklist numbers of your choosing, as well as, a host of known telemarketing numbers.

If you don't want to actually buy an app ($1.99 is a small price to pay), you could just download or make a silent ringtone, save off nuisance numbers in your contacts list, then assign them this silent ringtone. CallerDB has a SilentRingtone.m4r file available (but really they want you to buy the app then use it) or you can make your own ringtone for nuisance callers.

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