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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome Baby Grayson

Normally, I post stuff that is "technology based" as I spend a lot of time doing "nerdy stuff." Today, I figured I would talk about something not so....well.... nerdy.

My son, Grayson, was born Aug. 10th weighing in at a hefty 8lb. 7oz.  My life has changed quite a bit since my son’s birth. (Don’t worry… I enjoy the changes). Here are a few insights; I have gleaned over the last week of fatherhood.

Babies are not that fragile – I used to think babies were fragile. I know…it’s a “ridiculous phobia.” I would shy away from holding them because I didn’t want to “break” them. Over the last few years, many of my closest friends have had babies. I have held their kids…but felt uncomfortably nervous. Now that I have my own child, I have had to “face that fear”.  I can happily state that my fear is gone now…and yeah…babies are pretty robust.

Sleep is precious – newborns sleep like 18 hours a day. The 6 hours that are actually awake are spent eating, having their diaper changed, or playing. (Note: Playing at this point is really just them looking around and smiling at stuff.) Unfortunately,   1/3rd of the hours they are awake coincide with the hours you sleep. So, nap when he naps…otherwise you will be exhausted all of the time.
Buy an Awesome Camera – We have been taking photos like crazy. Most have turned out great…not because I’m a great photographer…but because we own a semi-pro camera. Let the equipment do the work :-)

Make formula in batches – Babies eat a lot, roughly every 2-3 hours. Mixing formula takes about two minutes.  During those two minutes, it is possible that your baby might be throwing a fit?. This will significantly increase the time it takes you to mix the formula and increase both of your stress loads. So, since you can refrigerate individual portions of formula for 24 hours, avoid the stress… mix enough in the morning to last the day….everyone will be happier.

Dishes and Laundry are a Daily Activity – Before Baby Grayson came along, we probably did dishes and laundry once...maybe twice a week. Now that he is here, we have a bit more stuff to clean. He eats like every 2-3 hours, so he goes through a lot of bottles. Bottles are not an endless supply, so we have to wash them sort of as we go. Otherwise, he will have nothing to eat out of.  Additionally, he dirties a lot of clothes. He probably gets changed like 3 times a day. He also gets changing clothes and other stuff dirty. So, we do a bit more laundry…a bit more frequently.

Lastly, some bodily related observations……

You will get peed on – I don’t know that this is a universal rule. I myself made it like 3 days before getting peed on. After that though…. I probably get peed on once a day. My wife has better luck, or skill… I guess. Basically, don’t let his “fire hose” hang out in the open air for too long… he will start peeing eventually….. on you…or everything around you

The #2 – I’m sure you know what I mean when I say #2. He has a lot of #2’s…… The funny part about them is that they are like a "delayed machine gun." Don’t change the diaper immediately…because like 1 minute into a diaper change… BAM! More #2. It will catch you by surprise…trust me.

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